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The Association will work together with a lot of other organisation to achieve their objectives. It is decided to work with liaison officers. A liaison officer is a person that liaises between two organisations to communicate and coordinate their activities. The general idea is to achieve the best utilisation of resources or employment of services of one organisation by another. So far two liaison officers have been appointed that act on behalf of the Association utilising their position in CEN tc251 and ISO/tc215.

Discussions have started with National Projects on how co-operation with the Association and involvement of those National Projects is best organised. Also discussions have started with organisations like the WHO, IHTSDO, ETSI, CEN, HL7, IHE, EFMI, EuroRec, Continua and many more active in ontology, workflow and clinical decision support and EN13606 related CEN/ISO standards like HISA and ContSys. Organisations like implementers/vendors, hospitals, professionals and those active in research/epidemiology are approached too.

Past activities:
20110128. Board and member meeting. Dublin
Download minutes of the meeting

- CEN/ISO 13606 workshop at MIE 2011 in Oslo.

Planned activities:
-    Q3 2012 First General Assembly