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The following workshop will take place during the celebration of MIE 2011 in Oslo. All of you are invited to attend.


CEN/ISO 13606 Implementation and Communication of Health Information

David Moner, Gerard Freriks, José Alberto Maldonado, René Schippers, Montserrat Robles


Tuesday 30th August 2011, 13:45, MIE2011, Oslo.


The general goal of the workshop is to introduce the basic concepts of the CEN/ISO 13606 standard to the audience and to show examples of its implementation in real scenarios. In particular, it will demonstrate how this standard can be used for the gener-ation and communication of patient summaries following the European epSOS project specifications.


The specific learning objectives of the workshop are:

  • To understand the basic methodology of the CEN/ISO 13606 standard based on the use of a dual model approach and archetypes.
  • To learn about tools and implemented solutions already available.
  • To see a working system using the CEN/ISO 13606 standard.


Questions addressed during the workshop include:

  • What does the CEN/ISO 13606 provides to me or to my organization?
  • How can I use or implement this standard?
  • Which tools exist to work with this standard?
  • Where can I get more information and training about this standard?



Download LinkEHR Editor

Download epSOS archetypes