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The Concurrent Use initiative, started in 2012, has the goal of showing the sustainable value of three basic CEN/TC251 standards for semantic interoperability: ISO EN 13606 (EHRcom), ISO EN 12967 (HISA) and ISO EN 13940 (ContSys). Concurrent Use provides decision makers with a coherent strategy for improving the health and care of Europe’s citizens and opens up the US, regional, national and local markets to quality solutions by using these three standards.

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March 2013

2nd Madrid Workshop on ‘Concurrent use of Contsys, EHRCOM and HISA’


The first CEN 'Concurrent use' workshop was held in July 2012 in Rome.  It was focussed upon 3 complex specifications that had been produced to satisfy quite different and very distinct business requirements, yet were 'designed' to interoperate.  These specifications are:


  • System of Concepts to Support Continuity of Care (ISO EN 13940, ContSys)
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Communication (ISO EN 13606, EHRcom)
  • Health Informatics - Service Architecture (ISO EN 12967, HISA)


The 3 specifications were originally produced in CEN TC251 and then globalised by introducing them to ISO. The first ‘Concurrent use' workshop sought to re-understand the maturing and developing specifications afresh, and more importantly, to see how all three could be used together to make a contribution to interoperability within the combined scope.

The way the workshop ‘worked' was to create a tentative method for exploring how the three specifications could be used concurrently.   A template was developed and existing work by the participants contributed both to the process and to the content.   A methodology emerged from the workshop as a pragmatic means to take these three orthogonal specifications forward, together.  ‘Harmonisation', ‘convergence' and ‘concurrent use' were seen to be related and, all three, integral to the interoperability approach described in this report.

This work will be of great importance during the EN 13606 standard renewal process.

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