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You can find all the documents generated by the Association members during the renewal process in our Files section:

ISO EN 13606 Renewal documents


According to feedback received in general the opinion in the ISO Vancouver meeting was that the 13606 is the best standard encountered in ISO in a long time. No discussion whatsoever about the need to have the 13606 renewed. It was decided that the revision process should be executed as swiftly as possible, meaning will take a two year process.

These decisions have impact on the how the Working Group will operate and which topics to focus on. For the avoidance of doubt the forum and the moderator will be guided by the following principles due to the Vancouver ISO meeting:

  • The update of the standard must be ‘lean, mean and focused’.
  • No change of scope (EHR Communication). No extension to implementation (‘information architecture of EHR repositories’), nor querying. No new things. All in view of the short time (2 years) that this CEN/ISO update process will last.
  • Harmonise with: ContSys, HISA, HL7 CDA and openEHR.
  • HL7v3 RIM harmonisation is no longer in focus.
  • Simplify the Reference Model (e.g. less mandatory use of Classes/attributes) and simplify AOM when possible.
  • Assure backwards compatibility as much as possible.
  • Avoid commercial influence and Trojan horses that will favor a few actors.


In the Kick off meeting it was decided that the Working Group will work on harmonisation using the following principles:

  • Other specification/profiles must be map able to the 13606 but NOT vice-versa.
  • The 13606 is to be regarded as a “universal recipient” of heterogeneous clinical data. This entails that the 13606 must stay very rich and expressive.
  • The 13606 EHR Communication standard by its nature acts as an generic EHR Architecture because it must be able to accommodate all types of legacy EHR-system.



The role of the EN 13606 Association

One of the objectives of the EN 13606 Association is to contribute to the CEN/ISO 13606 renewal process. In the Seville 2012 Association’s General Assembly the results of a first round of interviews on topics to be addressed in the renewal were presented and it was decided to start a Working Group with focus on the renewal. In the Working Group kick off meeting in London it was decided that the Working Group will support and facilitate the CEN/ISO convener and task force leader, also. The support will be as requested and will start its work in advance of the official ISO process.

The 13606 renewal Working Group will be supported by the EN 13606 Association. The Association has nominated one moderator: David Moner, Secretary of the EN13606 Association Board. David Moner will be supported by Working Group members of which most have experience with 13606 implementations for various use cases. E-mail discussions, Skype sessions will be possible but the deliverable will be created via the forum/Wiki.

It is not the intention to take and publish decisions in the EN 13606 Association. The goal is to have ready for input into the CEN/ISO process a document that collects hot topics for discussion, change requests, use cases and requirements, pro- and contra opinions and possible solutions, but no decisions. An editorial group and a final editor in chief will be appointed.

Please, contact us if you want to participate in this process.