Changes in the EN 13606 Association community and participation channels PDF Print

As approved during the last EN 13606 Association General Assembly, several changes in the communication channels of the community will be applied as of today.


1. New mailing list

A mailing list has been created as the main participation and communication channel of the EN 13606 Association. The objectives of the list are two:

- Discussion channel about al topics related to the ISO EN 13606 standard, its implementation, use and renewal process.

- Communication of the EN 13606 Association announcements to the community of users.

You can find the instructions to join and participate in this new mailing list at http://www.en13606.org/mailing-list


2. User registration closing

User registration at the Association web page was intended as a way of easing communication between the Association and the community of interested user on the ISO EN 13606 standard. This functionality is now covered by the mailing list. Thus, it has been decided to remove the registration of users.


3. Read-only discussion forum

All the discussions around the EN 13606 Association are now moved to de mailing list, this forum is no longer necessary. However, its information can still be of interest. Thus, the forum will be maintained as read-only.