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The EN13606 Association (founded July 7th 2010) has incorporated its Statutes under Dutch law in an Authenticated Certificate on 11 October 2010.


  • A. The association as a not-for-profit organisation has as its goals:


1. Supporting the maintenance of the CEN/ISO EN13606 EHRcom standard (including its successors and new versions).

2. Promoting and participating in research in the field of semantic interoperability in general.

3. Collecting experiences from implementors of the standard; the support of implementors of the standard by means of services (meetings, web-site, discussion forum, publication of artefacts, etcetera).

4. Owning and maintaining the Intellectual Property rights of published artefacts together with its Members and Associates.

5. Promoting and support the ‘Two Level Modeling’ principle as made possible by the standard.

6. Co-operating with all relevant organisations in the context of the CEN/ISO 13606 standard.


  • B. Any profit resulting from activities executed by the association must be deployed, by the Board, to facilitate the association goals as mentioned under A.


The Association has chosen to publish artefacts as derived works of the open EN13606 Standard, which IP (Intellectual Property) is in the public domain. By doing so the Association made it possible to have others publish new IP (derived works) while these derived works will stay under public IP using a Creative Commons CC-BY (attributions to) or CC-BY-SA (attributions to and share alike) license, depending on the case. Initial open source tools and open source implementations that could be part of an eHealth infrastructure and EHR solutions will be published as implementation examples.

The website www.en13606.org is used by the EN13606 Association for communication with its members, benefactors and others interested in the work of the Association.