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A Reference Model is an Object Oriented model that is used to represent the generic and stable properties of health record information. It comprises a small set of classes that define the generic building blocks to construct EHRs. It specifies how health data should be aggregated to create more complex data structures and the context information that must accompany every piece of data in order to meet ethical and legal requirements. It does encode what it is meant, not how it is intended to be presented. Typically, a Reference Model contains:

  1. A set of primitive types.
  2. A set of classes that define the building blocks of EHRs. Any annotation in an EHR must be an instance of one of these classes; we will call them entities. For instance EN13606 defines six different types of entities: folder, composition, section, entry, cluster and element.
  3. A set of auxiliary classes that describe the context information to be attached to an EHR annotation including versioning information.
  4. It may contain classes to describe demographic data and to communicate EHR fragments.