Implementation resources

This is a selection of ISO 13606 implementation resources that can be useful in your developments.

If you want to contribute with more materials, do not doubt to contact us.

Reference model XML specifications

ISO 13606:2008 XML Schema

Download XML Schema

ISO 13606:2019 XML Schema

Download XML Schema


Archetype editor

To edit ISO 13606 archetypes you can use LinkEHR Studio, a free archetype editor available at

Download LinkEHR Studio

Example implementations

EHRflex: an ISO 13606 open source EHR system

An open source electronic health record system based on ISO 13606 archetypes. License: MPL/GPL

Project page and source code

Archetype-based Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support tools using GELLO over constraints, validation and calculated fields defined as EN 13606 archetypes (ADL v1.2).

Product page