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ISO 13606 mailing list

A mailing list has been created as the main channel of communication and discussion about ISO 13606. Everybody is invited to join this list and participate.


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ISO 13606 and archetype modeling training

VeraTech for Health offers a wide range of courses about ISO 13606, openEHR, archetype modeling, and semantic interoperability of the EHR.

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Featured course: Introduction to ISO 13606 and clinical information modeling

  • To introduce the basic concepts of semantic interoperability
  • To introduce the basic concepts of the ISO 13606 norm
  • To describe the ISO 13606 reference model
  • To describe the ISO 13606 archetype model
  • To introduce the principles of archetype modelling methodology
  • To learn how to use and adopt the ISO 13606 norm together with existing systems

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